Faber-Castell: These Pens Are Mightier

They say handwriting is becoming a lost art, but most of us still have frequent occasion to write things down. Thank-you notes? Recipients truly appreciate them. Love letters? Someone’s going to get lucky! Tuition checks? Yes, again. Someday your generosity will be celebrated.

Nothing dignifies the act of writing quite like a fine pen, which combines the qualities of jewelry and a precision instrument. It’s a pleasure to use, and it shows that you put as much thought into the accoutrements of modern living as you do your appearance. Plus, a fine pen makes a tasteful and cherished gift.

Which make to choose? In the pantheon of pens, there’s a special place reserved for Faber-Castell, including the premium Graf von Faber-Castell Collection. Whether you opt for a fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint or mechanical pencil, your choice will embody beauty and the latest technical innovations. We invite you to explore Faber-Castell at Coleson today, and enhance the age-old satisfaction of putting pen to paper.