Our Story

Welcome To Coleson!

THE STORE’S NAMESAKE, a blend of generations, was established after the birth of our son, Cole Nelson. There is nothing like becoming a parent; it is simultaneously the best and scariest thing to happen to Kaitlin and me. We have long wanted to rename the store to something that has meaning to us, and is something we wanted to do, and becoming parents for the first time gave us the inspiration to make the change. We are excited to enthusiastically embrace a new name that is uniquely ours. What is not new, however, is what you have come to expect: a welcoming, inviting staff and atmosphere. They assuredly remain.

WHAT ALSO REMAINS is a curated collection of the world’s finest clothing. We spend time in showrooms all over the world, from Florence to Manhattan, finding clothing from generations-old, family-owned mills that demand an artisanal level of quality. Our look is versatile: casual and elegant, sophisticated and tailored. Our clothes, classically inspired, fit naturally with jeans, but can also easily form the foundation of a more formal wardrobe. Everything we sell is made in Europe, Canada, or the United States, and we are not willing to compromise quality or value. Where we can, we produce our own products or change existing designs to better represent our look.

BEYOND THE CLOTHING, we pride ourselves on providing a warm, inviting environment in which to shop. Our personal shoppers are always available to help, but are never pushy. Our in-house, master tailors are here to ensure your clothing fits exquisitely. Our beverage service is always available; enjoy a glass of wine, bourbon, or an espresso while you shop. If there is ever something that would add to your shopping enjoyment, just ask…it is always our pleasure to accommodate.


The Coleson Choice

What holds us together is
what sets us apart


There are no shortcuts to quality in the manufacturing of a tailored garment. Those who oppose spending a little extra for a hand-tailored suit have most likely never had the privilege of owning one. But once that leap of faith is taken, you will never look back.

Quality tailoring is a must when it comes to clothing. Hand-sewn shoulders and armholes produce a suit that conforms to your body. Horsehair canvas construction enables the chest and waist of a suit jacket to retain its shape through the harshest of conditions.

The bottom line is, you get what you pay for. When you buy a quality suit from Coleson Fine Clothiers, you’re assured of comfort, style and fit. Ultimately, you will own a suit that will help you look your best for years to come.