Benefits of Custom-Tailoring Your Next Wardrobe Piece

It’s time to rethink the perception of custom tailoring. Some believe that only those who are wealthy have the ability to afford the tailoring of their clothing. You don’t have to live in luxury in order to own clothing that was created to fit your body. Next time you’re on the fence about custom tailoring a new or existing piece of clothing, these benefits may help you take that initial step.

Custom Fit to Your Body

Body type measurements vary from person to person, so why would you waste your hard-earned money on a garment that “kind of” fits? A custom-tailored piece is just that – custom. Unique body characteristics such as broad shoulders, thin builds, and wide hips are taken into consideration when you’re fitted for a new garment. Whether you’re looking for your go-to suit for a big event or you need a complete wardrobe of professional attire, you should look into tailored clothing.

Made-to-Measure or Fully Bespoke

There are three ways in which you may purchase a new wardrobe piece:

  • Made-to-measure (MTM)
  • Bespoke
  • Ready-to-wear (RTW)

Each of these comes with its own pros and cons and is dependent upon the person who will be wearing the finished product.

MTM clothing dimensions can be altered to fit the wearer. This process involves trying on the clothing piece and being fitted by a knowledgeable tailor. Once your piece is pinned into place, it typically takes two weeks until you receive your fitted item. You will notice the difference in fit right away as opposed to a RTW piece.
Man wearing Samuelsohn brand Spring/Summer Collection Suit
Bespoke garments are truly customized to your preferences and needs. You begin with a one-on-one consultation with an experienced tailor so they can learn about your wardrobe style. You are then walked through a variety of clothing styles and fabric patterns to identify which elements you would like included in your piece. After being fitted and sent off, you will have a fully bespoke item in 4-6 weeks for final measurements.

RTW is what you typically find in retail stores. These clothing pieces are already sized, so you may wear them the same day you purchase them from the store. Although RTW clothing is extremely convenient, you’re left with a suit, dress, or pair of trousers that may fit in one area and feel tight or baggy in another area.

Endless Color and Pattern Combinations

Custom-tailored clothing pieces come with the added luxury of including a wider selection of clothing styles, colors, and fabric options. When you’re shopping in retail stores, what you see on the racks is usually what you get. There isn’t a secret backroom that has an endless supply of clothing styles and sizes.

When you purchase custom-made or fitted clothing, your selection of available pieces greatly increases. This number grows even higher when you’re thinking of purchasing a fully bespoke piece. Your choices aren’t limited to whether or not a store stocks your size on their racks.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Customization goes beyond the fit of your clothing. When shopping for a custom-fit wardrobe, you receive the benefit of speaking directly to stylists and tailors that are on staff. They will keep you updated with the latest trends they’re seeing in the industry and recommend pieces.

Once you purchase your first custom piece, you cultivate relationships with the stylists and tailors you meet on your journey. This extends beyond your typical sales team/customer relationship. An experienced stylist or tailor should follow up with you to ensure your piece fits your body seamlessly and that you’re satisfied with your new garment.

Long-Lasting Quality

A custom-tailored piece is crafted from the highest quality materials that are collected from all over the world. Imported wool fabrics from Italy and hand-spun cotton fabrics imported from Europe are just some of the beautiful materials found in tailored clothing. These pieces are made by professionals who are passionate about their work, so details are never overlooked.

Is Custom Tailored Clothing Right for You?

Everyone has their own preferences on fit and style when it comes to selecting new wardrobe pieces. You shouldn’t be limited to the same items found on clothing store racks that you could find on anyone walking down the street. If you’re looking for a unique piece that has been created and fitted solely for you, you should take that next step to purchase a new custom-tailored garment.

Our selection of men’s and women’s clothing offers a variety of clothing styles and fits for your own personal style. Book a consultation to find your next custom-tailored piece.