Host Gift Guide

We’re familiar with the anxiety increasing this time of year; many Christmas party dates are circled on your calendar, but you still have no idea what to bring to the party.  What if the host already has the “most”?  You stop in Coleson’s for unique gifts she or he will appreciate and use!

One gift you can never go wrong with is a Lafco candle.  Hand poured in the US with organic cotton wicks, these candles are the finest quality and also make the finest gift.

Another useful gift for your host is a hand lotion or cream.  After preparing an elegant dinner he or she will appreciate anything to revitalize a pair of busy hands.

If your host is a hostess, a pair of Kinross cashmere gloves also make a great gift option.  Unexpected yet chic and practical, she will appreciate having these on hand while out and about.