Luxury Dress Shirts For Men

An Essential Item to Your Wardrobe

A crisp, lightweight dress shirt is a menswear staple. It is designed to be worn with a jacket or tie, but a quality dress shirt can also be worn on its own. Our dress shirts are chosen based on the materials used to create them and the passion of the brands that carry them. As soon as you try on a shirt from Coleson, you’ll feel the difference in design compared to others.

The difference is in the materials and design.

Dress Shirts Made of 100% Premium Cotton

Our dress shirts are created for all-day performance no matter the occasion. For both casual and business wear, you’ll find a beautifully-crafted dress shirt that moves and breathes with you throughout the day.

A Full Range of Colors

Emotions and personal qualities are expressed through the colors we wear. Our diverse selection of color combinations and range of solid, striped, and micro-patterned shirts cater to every personality.

The Perfect Fit

Your body type and personal preferences will determine the fit, collar type, and sleeve length of your newly purchased dress shirt. While we offer a variety of choices, you may still find that a shirt is not perfectly fitted to your body. Our stylists are on hand to help you customize the elements of your shirt so it is completely designed to you. Our experienced tailors are always present in store to speak with you.

Dress Shirt Brands