Handsewn Custom Suits for Men

Made for You, and Only You

From a made-to-measure suit to a fully-bespoke piece, a suit from Coleson is a wardrobe must-have. Nothing can compare to a classy and comfortable creation that has been customized for your body. As you step into a meeting, make an appearance at an event, or take a walk around the town, you’re sure to feel confident in your choice to collaborate with us.

Our collection features items that have been carefully selected from the fashion capitals of the world. From Italian pieces such as Canali to the Canadian brand, Samuelsohn, you’ll experience big city fashion in Lancaster. 

The fine details of a custom suit are what stand out in the crowd. As you explore our range of styles, fits, and materials, our stylists will help you along the way to be sure you’re satisfied with every element of your piece.

Do you want to stand out in a crowd or blend into the background?

Choosing the Perfect Suit Fabric

One of the many details when customizing your fitted suit is the materials that make up its creation. Our diverse collection of men’s suits feature individual fabrics and blends of wool, silk, linen, and cotton.

Your suit’s fabric should be catered to your personal needs and style. We will ensure that the fabric you choose perfectly suits your lifestyle while maintaining your individual, unique personality.

Suit Colors for Every Wardrobe

Our offering of suit color combinations gives you a choice on how to enhance the look of your piece. The color you choose for your suit will either make you stand out in a crowd or blend into the background.

We want you to look and feel your absolute best in your made-to-measure or bespoke suit. Our style professionals are here to ensure every inch of your piece fits your needs. 

In addition to choosing your fabric styles and colors, other small details such as your jacket pockets and buttons should be kept in mind when exploring our full selection. You’ll also want to take into consideration whether you prefer a modern, slim, or classic fit. 

At Coleson, we believe that the quality of your suit is in the fine details. As you explore our collection, we will assist you in every step of the way.

Custom Suit Brands